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Later Bronze Age Ornaments

Bronze Age ornaments form a major category of metal artefact. Those made of gold are some of the most captivating prehistoric objects known to us. They are probably the most personal objects surviving as they were worn on the body

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PhD project – Analysis of Middle Bronze Age Palstaves

Hi everyone. My name is Robert Kaleta and I am a 1st year PhD student at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, interested in using some of the data generated via the MicroPasts photo-masking applications for my research. For the

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Things that go bump in the night: The Selborne-Blackmoor Hoard & the significance of LBA weapon hoards

Our new app focuses on the wonderful Blackmoor Hoard (partially pictured above). Known also as the ‘Blackmoor-Wolmer Forest’ or ‘Selborne’ Hoard, the hoard was found near the hamlet of Blackmore (just east of Selborne, Hampshire) on the land that was

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3D Models of Olduvai Gorge Handaxes

These two handaxes belong to the EF-HR locality, in Olduvai Gorge (Tanzania). EF-HR is located in the North side of the Olduvai Gorge. It was discovered in 1931 by Sir Evelyn Fuchs and Professor Hans Reck, and named after their

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MicroPasts Crowd-funding

Hello! We’ve just launched the latest part of theMicroPasts project: a crowd-funding website. Have a look at and see if you can help. Through this website, it is possible to raise up to £5,000 to fund archaeological or historical

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UCL Institute of Archaeology research seminar on MicroPasts

A presentation given by Andy Bevan at the Institute of Archaeology Research Seminar Series, UCL Institute of Archaeology, 6 October 2014.

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Crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding & the collaborative management of archaeological heritage

A presentation given by Chiara Bonacchi at the 20th annual meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Istanbul, 10-14 September 2014. Chiara

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In the Lens: George and Agnes Horsfield’s Photographs

Amara Thornton (British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UCL Institute of Archaeology) “My life has been so lonely – until I met you – dear Comrade … my extraordinary friendship with you – which I gradually found was absorbing the whole

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MicroPasts at Digital Humanities 2014, Lausanne

The project has just been represented at the Digital Humanities 2014 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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Shabtis and the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife

If you’d lived in Ancient Egypt, you would probably have strongly believed that death was not the end, and that it was only a transition between this world and the next. Ancient Egyptians believed that after they die, or more

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